Client Testimonials

Kailesh Solanki

So after training with various personal trainers over the last few years and not getting the sustainable results I wanted. I came across Nick and on the face of it saw these amazing transformations and thought why has that not happened for me. What is this guy doing different. I wanted to know more!

I contacted UFP and spoke with the head coach and owner Nick. Straight away I was excited, his enthusiasm and passion was apparent from the offset and I felt comfortable due to the informal chat. He wanted to first understand me, what my goals were and also what I had previously done in respect to my training.

As soon as we spoke I felt a very different approach was being used.

We discussed nutrition very early on and also the need to not waste anyone's time. Which at first I was taken back with. I mean I am willing to give this guy my hard earned cash and he was saying "if you don't follow what I tell you then we will have to let you go as a client" it kind of scared me but also made me more determined.

A week later I started training. Initially it was slow as my coach wanted to scope my fitness levels and also how I reacted to training. I almost felt I wasn't getting anywhere. What was impressive though was the fact I had my workout program and nutrition program all in an app with my before photos and goals. It was a really great tool to make sure I was staying on point with both my training and nutrition.

As the weeks progressed so did my programs, these were constantly changing keeping me guessing and also my body. The nutrition also changed and not generically. Nick would assess my results every few weeks and make decisions on what he felt I needed and also what he felt I didn't need.

As the weeks past my body started to change but as I was in it looking at myself every day I really did not see it as clearly as maybe I should.

At eight weeks i sent nick a message saying "I wish we could progress quicker". At that point he sent me my progress picture from week 1 to week 8 and wow when you see it like that you are then driven.

Obsessed is probably a word I used after that. Seeing that difference just made me want more.

By week 16 I had a six pack for the first time in 36 years and was in the best shape of my life.

Was it easy? Hell no, does Nick have a magic wand, no. What he does have is the ability to push his clients and guide them along a path which will make great changes.

I have just recently been on holiday and not been conscious taking my top off. I am proud of what I have achieved but was guided every step of the way by my coach. I can't recommend him enough it has changed my life for the better.

People may look at my before and after photos and think well I could do that if all I had to do was train and have a coach 7 days a week.

The reality. I work over 60 hours a week, own 4 clinics in the private dentistry world and have 2 young children, so time is precious. I just chose to use my time as wisely as I could to produce the changes in my life which mattered to me!

Paul Street

Unbelievable knowledge and support, results speak for themselves.

At the end of the day you get out what you put in but don't piss into the wind! Everyone is different so stop reading generic guides and get custom workouts, custom diets and most of all lots of support.

Couldn't rate Nick enough!

Ben Cook

When coming to an end of our 6 months or so together I wanted to show my appreciation for what you have helped me to achieve and reflect on exactly how you impacted me. It seems strange to me looking back, how I had managed to let myself get to a certain point in my life where I needed quite a bit of help physically and mentality given the type of independent person I am. I look back at how I have changed, what I have introduced to actually change my thought process and look on  life and you are a key attribute here.

One thing that is for certain is that I chose the right man. You have not only given me the belief again that I can achieve what I want but also reignited the drive to be healthy, be active and somewhere along the way given me my confidence back.

Losing the weight was always my main outlook but the process as a whole has really given my confidence through all aspects of life a real boost. Given everything that I had been through and where I was mentality this was just as important to me as losing the weight so thank you.

I kept thinking when I started out that you were calling everything a journey...i have never been on a journey before and wondered what are you talking about, i’m here to just lose weight and get out! Its only when I got underway I realised the impact and changes that are required to succeed and soon the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months and before you know it I had smashed my goals, changed my way of thinking and understanding of concepts such as “time”,

“commitment”, “desire”, “determination” and look back and think...that was some journey. It sounds silly to say but I know now what you mean a journey is having been through one.

It is not every day that an outlook gets changed in life for the better so thank you. Looking back over the months I think about what I have been through and smile to myself. I couldn’t have imagined wanting to do any of it before meeting you and I

definitely wouldn’t have found myself wanting to do the reps, the sets, the graft in the slightest. I did random things I would never have done before...going to the toilet and doing 20 push ups because I felt like my body needed it, because maybe if I did 20 push ups every toilet break that would be 100 extra push ups a day – remember i’m drinking 3-4 litres of water a day so need a fair few toilet breaks lol!! What a strange man I am I thought to myself, of course I have never mentioned this to anyone but you have given me a sense of pushing my body to new places and thresholds that I was convinced weren’t possible.

And in short that is what it is all about to me, the top 2 inches. Pushing my body to new heights and knowing what my body was capable of more than I knew what it was capable of actually achieving...the sign of a man who knows what they are

talking about.

It is important that you know how you impact people lives or at the very least how you have impacted mine, how your commitment is second to none, how you have a great way to be professional, passionate and caring all at the same time and

ultimately getting people to their goals.

I know you will change the way people perceive PT’s and the fitness industry one person at a time like you have with me.

Thank you for helping me reach a point in my life where I feel a success.

Jonny Hanson

Cannot fault the experience I have had, diligent professional service. Always on tap with helpful advice and motivation. I wanted to build muscle, Nick recommended i loose a little bit of fat first and then start to grow from there.

I listened, turned my lifestyle around would definitely not be where I am with me physical and mental health today, I can't recommend highly enough!! Using a fitting sporting reference Just Do It!

Joanne Kinney

I am used to working hard in a gym but this is to a new level. Nutrition, pushing myself. I can't believe the difference in only 6 weeks. It's the whole package!

Rory Janiak

I can 100% recommend UFP to transform your body! Will Power not included. I went from a disgusting 30% body fat to 13% in 6 months. The future is lean - the future is UFP

Cheryl Ava

Amazing, looking forward to seeing what's ahead.

Adam Janiak

I used to think I knew how to train and diet to make gains and keep in condition. Then I met Nick and that all changed in an instant. This man is the real deal.

Breaking down workouts that are tailor made just for you so that you may achieve your own goals. Not to mention a detailed and ever adapting nutrition plan that

clearly compliments your training and aims. I cannot recommend this guy any more. He knows everything there is, and then some and on top of all of this, his passion for what he does is so infectious that it drives you further when things get tough.

Cracking coach, thanks again mate!

Haylea Cattell

Nick has been my trainer for 6 months now he pushes me every week he is very easy to talk to and whatever you want to achieve he will help you get there as he also has amazing knowledge on nutrition as well as fitness.

He also gives a food plan which really helps I've recommended Nick to friends and they are all really happy with the service they received.