UFP Life FAQ’s


No, it is just a normal monthly subscription. It will keep rolling until canceled, but you can cancel at anytime.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this option. We suggest cancelling and then resubscribing when you are ready to re-join.

Coach Contact

Coach Contact is where you can ask your coach questions related to any aspect of your journey. They will always aim to answer your questions within 24h.

You will be sent a reminder every Monday to log your progress which will go direct to your coach. Your coach will message you if they do not hear from you in 5-6 days. Your coach is not there badger you but to support you when you need it.

Yes of course, no question is a silly question. They will always aim to reply within 24h.

Cancelling Subscription

Click settings in your app and you’ll be directed to a page where you will find a big red button saying stop subscription.

You can cancel at anytime, this is not a contract, it is just a normal monthly subscription which will keep rolling until canceled.

Training & Exercise Plans

Yes, lots of our clients exercise at home. Less equipment will just reduce the exercise variation.

Every exercise comes with a very easy to understand video!

Yes you can track everything in your app and you can leave notes for each session which you can look back on next time.

No we do not, as we are not qualified to do so.


Yes but this is more of a list of recipe ideas that are specifically calorie controlled for you and your goal. We don’t advise strict meal plans as this is not realistic nor is it sustainable long term. You will be educated on nutrition, what your body needs for your desired goal and you will be shown how to take control of your own nutrition.

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